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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
-Marianne Williams

Skillful, compassionate therapy offers guidance when you need help finding your way.

Most likely, you are reaching out because you want to work through unhelpful patterns, heal old wounds or learn new ways of coping and relating. I work with adults and older adolescents seeking help for depression or anxiety, or support with navigating a difficult loss or life transition. In addition, I assist individuals who wish to understand and transform patterns that are negatively impacting their self-esteem, relationships, work or parenting. My specialties include trauma, PTSD, complex trauma and attachment injuries.

Whether you have a specific concern or seek a nurturing, reflective space for personal growth, having ongoing support and working through unresolved issues can lead to greater happiness, success and wellbeing. My goal is to help you flourish.

Trauma-Informed therapy offers hope and healing.

At some point in our lives, trauma happens to all of us. Trauma can occur in various ways: through abuse, neglect or assault, through a sudden loss, terrible accident or catastrophic event. Trauma overwhelms our ability to understand and integrate our experience. If trauma is not resolved, it can keep us stuck, re-living the event long after it has ended, unable to move forward without fear, dread or mistrust.

While trauma can be devastating, we have the capacity to heal, grow and make meaning of our experience. Trauma does not have to be a life sentence of confusion, pain and isolation. Trauma-informed therapy can help you heal so that you can feel more fully alive, calm and embodied. It is possible to feel better about yourself and your relationships. There is hope.

Brief introduction to my services

Psychotherapy Services:
Psychotherapy provides a constructive, nonjudgmental place to work through unhelpful patterns and resolve past issues that interfere with daily life, relationships, and work. Areas of focus include depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationship and parenting issues, and personal growth.

Trauma-Informed Therapy:
Trauma-Informed Therapy offers a way to understand your symptoms as a logical and natural outcome of your traumatic experiences. An integrative Trauma-Informed approach allows us to address the impact of trauma on the mind, brain, body, and spirit. Therapy that is Trauma-Informed can help you leave your past in the past, feel more alive in the present, and have more hope for the future.

EMDR Therapy:
EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a safe and effective mind-body treatment for trauma and PTSD. EMDR also helps people heal from attachment injuries caused by relational trauma. Traumatic memories are stored in the brain differently than other negative experiences. They can be re-triggered by reminders of the distressing events and experienced as if they are still happening. EMDR restores your natural ability to heal, increasing self-efficacy and well-being.

Jennifer Loyer, MFT

About Jennifer

Helping people heal from trauma is my greatest passion.  As a Trauma-Informed therapist I have completed training in powerful and effective treatments for trauma, PTSD and attachment injuries, including EMDR, IFS and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. I believe that healing and personal growth are among the most precious gifts we can give ourselves, our loved ones and the world.

I am committed to supporting people, organizations and policies that promote social justice and equality for all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and gender/transgender identities.