About Jennifer Loyer

Jennifer Loyer, MFT

As an undergraduate my first major was Psychobiology--the study of behavior from a biological perspective. However, it was too scientific, too abstract for me. So I found a home in the Humanities. At UC Santa Cruz I experienced both a paradigm shift and a homecoming as I learned about Women's Studies, African American Literature, Latin American Studies and Native American Studies along with Chaucer, Milton, Austen and the Brontes. It was, by turns, grueling and blissful.

After working a variety of post-humanities jobs, I found my way to graduate school in English. No one else in my middle class family had been to graduate school so this was a brave new world. At the University of Washington I studied 18th-Century Literature and Post-Colonial Theory, which examines the way cultural imperialism impacts identity and power dynamics.

Evenings I spent at the dojo practicing Aikido, the art of peace. Aikido teaches the unification of mind, body and spirit in the peaceful reconciliation of conflict, both internal and external. My therapist had recommended Aikido to me as a powerful way to work on my trauma.

In connecting with myself and others through Aikido I realized I wanted to dedicate my life to helping other people heal from trauma. So I took a leap of faith and left the doctoral program. While teaching English at a community college I heard of a new program in counseling psychology that offered training in Somatic, Transpersonal and Psychodynamic psychotherapies. This is what I had been searching for: healing for the mind, body and spirit.

For the past 20 years I have worked with children, adolescents, adults and families in a variety of settings, including school-based, residential, out patient and private practice. After graduate school, I completed a year-long course in Child and Adolescent therapy at the Jung Institute in San Francisco. In addition to working with people individually, I have over 10 years of experience leading therapy groups. My greatest passion is helping people heal from trauma.

We live in a world where trauma is passed from one generation to the next. This intergenerational trauma is perpetrated on the vulnerable, disenfranchised, disempowered. I work with individuals to break this cycle of re-traumatization and find their voice, power and wholeness.

  • EMDRIA Approved Consultant
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • Complex Trauma Certification Course, levels I & II, Janina Fisher, PhD
  • IFS Circle
  • Treating Complex Trauma with Internal Family Systems Certification, Frank G. Anderson, PhD
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, level I
  • Ongoing Consultation in IFS & EMDR
  • Black Belt, Aikido


  • Master's Counseling Psychology with a Specialization in Holistic Studies
  • John F. Kennedy University
  • Master's English
University of Washington
Bachelor's English Literature
University of California, Santa Cruz

Professional Affiliations

  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
  • CAMFT- Marin
  • International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP)
    • Community Institute for Psychotherapy