Brief Introduction to Services

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Psychotherapy Services:
Psychotherapy provides a nurturing, reflective space to process and re-frame experiences, receive feedback, learn and practice new ways of coping and relating, and think together about situations that generate confusion, worry or distress. An empathic and attuned therapeutic relationship creates a safe, supportive place for personal exploration and healing. I work with individual adults and older adolescents seeking help for depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationship difficulties and parenting.

Trauma-Informed Therapy:
Life can be confusing and overwhelming for people who have experienced trauma.  They often feel flooded when ordinary events trigger thoughts, emotions and sensations associated with the trauma event, as if it were still happening.  Trauma survivors can feel disoriented and discouraged because they often function well in some areas of their lives but feel incapacitated in others. 

Trauma-Informed Therapy offers a way to understand your symptoms as a logical and natural outcome of your traumatic experiences.  An integrative Trauma-Informed approach allows us to address the impact of trauma on the mind, brain, body and spirit.  Therapy that is Trauma-Informed can help you leave your past in the past, feel more alive in the present, and have more hope for the future.

EMDR Therapy:
If you have experienced or witnessed trauma or abuse, EMDR can help you heal in a deep and noninvasive way. Research shows that EMDR is effective for resolving traumatic memories. It is an evidence-based treatment for major traumas and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  In addition, EMDR addresses interpersonal trauma, such as emotional abuse resulting from excessive criticism, hostility, shame and humiliation.

Traumatic memories are stored in the brain differently than other negative experiences. They can be re-triggered by reminders of the the distressing events and experienced as if they are still happening. EMDR restores your natural ability to heal, increasing self-efficacy and well-being.