Psychotherapy provides a nurturing, reflective space to process and re-frame experiences, receive feedback, learn and practice new ways of coping and relating, and think together about situations that generate confusion, worry or distress. An empathic and attuned therapeutic relationship creates a safe, supportive place for personal exploration and healing. I work with individual adults and older adolescents seeking help for depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationship difficulties and parenting.

Life Transitions

Are you going through a rough patch? Are you feeling sad, frustrated or stuck? In life, change is inevitable. Sometimes we can get through it on our own and sometimes we need guidance with finding our way out of a labyrinth of confusion and pain. Therapy can help you grieve a loss or navigate a difficult life transition, such as a break up or divorce, new career, a new relationship or marriage, or change in the family system. Life transitions also occur when you, your partner, child or parents enter a new developmental stage. Often, transitions stir up unresolved grief: losing someone or something familiar and precious and stepping into the unknown. When we are able to process our losses we can more fully embrace that which is emerging and move into the next phase of our life with more clarity, grace and confidence.

I am particularly attuned to the changes we women go through in our lifetimes: the birthing, raising and launching of children, fertility difficulties, "empty nest," peri-menopause and menopause. In addition, I am interested in the ways in which gender, race, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation shape our identities and inform or limit our power. As women, we need to tell our stories, share our struggles and victories, connect with our potential and make meaning in our lives.

Relationship Difficulties

Relationships are complex and challenging—they evoke so many feelings, insecurities and unresolved patterns. We feel more satisfied and successful in our relationships when we have a compassionate understanding of our strengths and triggers.

Relationships tend to work better when each partner has an understanding of their own dynamics, wants and needs. While couples therapy is an extremely powerful tool for strengthening a relationship and improving communication, sometimes we need our own space to process the ways in which our past interferes with our ability to "show up" for and connect with our partners in the present.

Intimacy brings out our beauty as well as our fears. Having a supportive, constructive, nonjudgmental place to process what comes up for you in relationships and working through past hurts can have a beneficial impact on current relationships.


Parenting tends to take us to extremes—sometimes within seconds. So much of our own childhood gets stirred up by parenting our children. Often we are not even aware of the emotional soup until the pot gets stirred. Parenting is most effective when we can regulate our own emotional states and help our children better understand what they are going through. That does not mean we have to be perfect—just, as psychologist D.W. Winnicott advocates, "good enough."

With over ten years experience as a child and adolescent therapist, I have an extensive understanding of developmental patterns in both neuro-typical and neuro-atypical youths. During my time as a child and adolescent therapist I also worked closely with parents, helping them understand their child's needs and their own responses. As a parent, I appreciate the agony and ecstasy that raising a child brings. Having a nurturing, compassionate, nonjudgmental place to process parenting challenges can help you feel calmer and more effective. Understanding your triggers and working through unresolved trauma can help you respond more effectively to your children and partner. Click here to learn more about Trauma-Informed Therapy and EMDR.

Personal Growth

Imagine your life the way you want it to be. Do you imagine a happier, healthier, more meaningful and connected life? Do you see yourself reaching your fullest potential? Do you sense your strengths and feel validated, capable, empowered? Becoming our truest and best selves takes support, nurturing, and sometimes a lot of healing... And it is the most precious gift we can give ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. It is a gift of wholeness, authenticity, awareness and love. Integrative therapy can help you heal past wounds, uncover those gems that make you unique, and unfold to your truest and best self.


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