Getting Started

Therapy is a commitment to and investment in yourself.

Therapy is most effective when it occurs on a regular basis.  In general, I meet with clients for weekly 50-minute sessions.  More frequent sessions are available when more support is needed or you would like to make progress more rapidly.

Your therapy session is a time reserved for you alone.  It is an investment in your self-care, emotional wellbeing and healing.  Therefore, it is important to commit to attending sessions regularly.  People experience deeper and more lasting results when they make therapy a priority.

Cancellation Policy

I require 48 hours notice of cancellation.  If you do not cancel prior to 48 hours you are responsible for paying your entire fee for the missed session.  If you are using insurance you are responsible for your co-pay plus the customary reimbursement.  In the event of illness, it is sometimes possible to re-schedule your session for later in the week.


My current fee is $200-$250 for a 50-minute session. Longer sessions are available at a pro rata charge.  

Cash, checks or credit cards are accepted for payment.  Also, you can use the PayPal link below to make a payment.

Make A Payment

Insurance Information

Please note that I am no longer accepting new insurance clients. If you would like to bill your insurance I can provide a statement for you to submit to your insurance carrier. In some cases you may be able to collect full or partial reimbursement.

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